Camac Levers    
    The Camac Harp Company of Brittany, France, has developed a very high quality nickel-plated lever that is becoming popular with many harp makers & players. The precision engineering of this lever is amazing, and the comfortable handle flips up smoothly and positively, locking the string in place. The 'C' & 'F' handles are coloured correspondingly with little shrink-wrapped bands. What people like about this system is that there is no loss of tone quality with the lever engaged, nor much displacement of the string.

Tuning Pins and Bridge Pins
    The lightweight aluminum tuning pins and stainless steel adjustable bridge pins are custom-made for me by Argent Fox Harps, of Indiana. 

Ergonomic Tuning Key
    I've chosen the high quality Lyon & Healy ergonomic rubber-covered tuning key as standard for my harps. These and other, smaller "T" shaped keys are available from a number of harp suppliers including Lyon & Healy Harps and Sylvia Woods Harp Center

Hand Rubbed Finish
    I'm currently offering a modern, durable, hand-rubbed finish that brings out the beauty of the wood while offering superior protection. 
Generally, the process starts with the application of shellac sealer and if the wood is an open-grain wood such as walnut, oak or koa, a grain filler/stain is then used to fill the pores and deepen the hue of the wood. I then spray on a number of coats of waterborne acrylic finish, and once that cures, hand rub the finish to a satin sheen. 
   This finish provides a professional, hard, optically clear coating that will rival any other finish out there today.

Pictured at right is a rear view of a harp made from figured claro walnut.
Hardware & Finish
The harp shown above is made from figured claro walnut 
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