Ordering, Payment, Prices & Shipping

     Canadian customers may pay by personal cheque, bank wire transfer or credit card (VISA or MC). Out-of-country customers may pay by PayPal, International Bank Draft (sent by registered mail or courier), bank wire transfer or credit card (VISA or MC). 

     PayPal: If you would like to pay via your PayPal account, simply send the payment to my PayPal e-mail address: larry@fisherharps.com or alternatively, I can send you a PayPal Invoice and you can pay that way. 

     Wire transfer is a quick and cost-effective way to send money. My Bank Wire Information Sheet has all the info needed for your bank to effect the transfer, and I will send you this sheet by e-mail (as a PDF file) upon request, and you can print it out and give it to your bank teller when requesting the transfer

     Credit Cards: I can accept Master Card or VISA and will e-mail you an Invoice from my PayPal Merchant Account so you can pay by using their secure server. You do not have to have a PayPal account to use this payment method. 

    If you have any questions about payment options, please contact me for details. Please make any payments out to “Larry Fisher”. Payments may be mailed to:

632 Ross Ave. 
Winnipeg, MB
 Canada  R3A 0M1

Tel: +1 204 774 7600

Packing & Shipping
The harp will be professionally packed in a padded, double-walled cardboard box, the harp in it's soft case first being wrapped in bubble pack. If shipping the harp in the Colorado Case, the harp in it's soft case will be nestled inside the Colorado Case, and then the case will be covered in cardboard for protection. If the harp ever needed to be shipped anywhere after you purchase it, these containers are the best way transport it safely. 
     For shipment within North America, FedEx Ground is my preferred carrier, and all harps bound for the U.S.A. have the U.S. Customs clearance charges included in the freight charges. There is no duty on harps, but there might be a state sales tax, and if so, you'll get a bill in the mail from your state tax authority sometime later. If the harp is to be shipped to the U.S.A., I will need the Social Security Number of the recipient for U.S. Customs clearance.
     For air cargo shipments overseas, I use the services of a freight forwarder to find the most cost-effective and efficient method of transporting the harp to your destination. All freight quotes are from the Winnipeg Airport to your nearest international customs airport. 
    Home delivery can be arranged at additional cost. All customs clearance fees, duties and taxes are your responsibility upon the harp's arrival in your country. You can do the customs clearance run-around yourself and save some money over having a customs broker do it for you. However please be aware that the customs clearance process can be complicated and time-consuming. I can arrange for a customs clearance agent at your airport to do the customs clearance procedures (they will charge you a fee for this). I can also arrange to have home delivery of the harp after customs clearance (for a fee).

     My wait list is now closed to further orders as I work through my extensive backlog.
Current Shipping Charges 

                                        Ireland/UK/Europe             USA              Canada           NZ/AU/Japan

The shipping charges include packing, insurance and freight charges. Prices subject to change depending on actual costs. *USA prices include the customs clearance charges ($150). **Canadian shipping charges will be determined for each shipment, as there is wide variance in quotes to different regions. Actual shipping charges to Europe, the Middle East and the Far East, etc., will be calculated for each individual case.

Fisher Harps

Prices on this website are based on Canadian Dollars, my home currency. Confirmed orders will have the agreed-upon-prices fixed at the outset, and those prices will not change before the harp is completed and you receive the final invoice. 

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